Welcome on Panzer General 2 Download.

For users that have previous version and continue to use them , please go on this page or install a new version but read the new efile management, it use my launcher program instead separate installation.


You have the choice to install your version.
In the table below, you have 3 columns to explain files necessaries to have for each versions.
A means that the file is NEEDED to run properly.
A means that the file is optional to run properly.

You can also install my "Launcher for Panzer General 2" to use the possibilities to play with more than one equipment file in same time.
It can be found on this page.
Please read section below 'Use with "Launcher for Panzer General 2" to have a multiple efile game'.

** FOR NVIDIA VIDEO CARD OWNER ** You can have some problems with NVidia video cards and recent drivers, please download this fix made by SFB7 and Waitsnake. More information can be found on this url


To install these files, just unzip all files inside your new or existing Panzer General 2 directory ( the option "Use folder name" must be checked ).


Last updateSize SSI Full version SSI Campaigns version Basic
Executable files Download - 1.16 MB
Datup Download July 2009 38.02 MB
Sounds Download - 106.46 MB
Original Campaigns Download N/A 218.47 kB
Original Maps Download N/A 34.27 MB
Movies Download N/A 132.62 MB
Musics Download N/A 96.57 MB
Voices Download N/A 141.44 MB
Total Size 550.76 MB 180.12 MB 145.64 MB

Use with "Launcher for Panzer General 2" to have a multiple efile game

You must download the program on this page.
Just unzip content in you Panzer General 2 folder. Then launch the program named "LauncherForPG2". With this program, you don't need program to switch datup like "Graphic switch" or my "Datup switcher".

Installation/update of equipment files

For first use, you must install equipment files you want to use. But it's the same manipulation for update the equipment files.
Select the equipment you want to install/update, click on "Open Equipment Files (Efiles) folder".
A explorer window are opened, so copy equipment files inside, and close the window.
Now, when you use the equipment you have selected, the program use automatically ( by copy ) these files and switch datup.

You can now repeat this manipulation for another equipment to install...

Installation of campaigns for an equipment

Select the used equipment of campaign, then click on "Open SCENARIO folder (campaign)"
A explorer window are opened, so copy all campaigns files inside, perhaps you must unzip all ".map files" can be found on my MapFinder page
So close the window after you have copied all necessaries files.

After that you must install .SHP files, the graphics map files. The best solution is to dowload the Suite program made by Luis Guzman find on this page. Unzip Suite into you Panzer General 2 folder and run it. First, check in suite the the folder and gameset used.
To make that go to "Tools"/"Settings folder and files" and check if game folder is correct, then check on upper left part the options "From exe gameset" and choose the same file defined in "Program to run" in Launcher.
Then close dialog and you now can check missing files.
It's important when you switch efile in my program and you want check missing files to close Suite before. And launch after the Suite for that Suite can read gameset and select right folder.
You can with suite to download missing files with my FTP or download each file with web site.

You can now run your favorite equipment, the launcher switch datup, change executable and install efile automatically when you click on "Launch game" or use in tray bar.

Any question? Please ask here

Have fun with Panzer General 2.